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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching involves a coach and client(s) working together to reach a personal and/or professional goal. Coaching helps show people their own potential and brings it out by offering perspective and focus.​

Is coaching considered counseling?

No, coaching is not counseling. The main difference is coaching focuses mainly on the present and future and how to achieve personal and/or professional goals. Clients should seek a counselor or therapist if having significant psychological or mental health concerns.​

Do coaches need to be certified?

No, BUT it is strongly encouraged that you seek a certified coach and here at Education Informed, our coach is a certified Parent Coach, continues various life, parenting, and social coaching trainings, and has a background working in the Education field.​

Why is coaching so expensive?

Education Informed has prices well within the industry standard and has secured competitive rates, while offering various types of coaching. Our packages give a discounted rate compared to the one-time session prices, plus the coach at E.I. is certified in coaching and has a Masters Degree in the Education field; both of which are qualifications often not seen from other coaches.

Does Education Informed have social media?

Yes! Right now we maintain an Instagram (@education.informed) and Facebook page (Education Informed). Please like and follow!​

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